How do I use Publisher3D to create image for Word?

The overall process for using the software with Word follows. It is important to set up the images in Word as linked, not embedded images, for updates to work properly when 3D CAD designs changes and your technical graphics change.

How do I copy the custom templates from 2014 to 2016?

Option 1

Managing Large Models with Configurations

QuadriSpace includes a powerful ability to setup configurations in your projects. Configurations allow you to create subgroups of your scene.

Creating Templates for Publisher3D with Pages3D

Creating a Template in Pages3D

Import a Parts List from Excel

Many official parts lists are managed externally in a PDF or the 3D CAD tool. These parts list can be imported as a QuadriSpace parts lists by mapping an a key name from the Excel file to a key name already in your 3D part’s meta-data.

Work Instructions - Best Practices

Simplify – Capture Subsets of your Large 3D Model as Configurations

Create Exploded Views with Subassemblies

When creating an exploded view, clicking in the scene will normally select the lowest level part in the model. Sometimes, you want to move an entire subassembly rather than individual parts. The Model Tree can be used to do this.

Enable Adobe Acrobat's Comment and Review in 3D PDF

It is possible to use Adobe Acrobat to modify PDF files created with QuadriSpace products. This is done by enabling the “Commenting and Review” tools in the PDF. Once these are enabled, Adobe Reader can be used to create views, add markups, section and measure the 3D model. A PDF that has these feature enabled is referred to as “Reader Enabled”.

Export Exploded Views from SolidWorks

Please follow the procedure below to export an exploded view from SolidWorks.

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