Getting Started with QuadriSpace Products

This page will help you get started with QuadriSpace Software. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome to the QuadriSpace Help Center and thank you for choosing QuadriSpace products for your technical publishing needs.

On this help site, you will find tutorials, links to reference help, helpful articles and a discussion area for seeking answers and asking questions.

What can I do with QuadriSpace's Technical Publishing Solutions?

QuadriSpace products empower companies to reuse their 3D CAD files for technical documentation needs. With our technical publishing solutions, users can import existing 3D, create professional documents or illustrations sets and then deliver these to standard formats.


  • Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Inventor, Pro/E, Creo, STEP, IGES, Rhino, DWF, SketchUp and more


  • Work Instructions
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogs
  • User Manuals
  • Service
  • Technical Illustrations
  • Training Materials
  • Sales and Marketing Materials


  • Printed Materials or Standard PDF Files
  • Standard Raster and Vector Graphics for use in Word, InDesign, Illustrator
  • 3D PDF Files viewable in the Standard Adobe Reader without plugins
  • Private Online Content based on HTML5 and WebGL, no plugins required
  • Public Web Pages based on HTML5 and WebGL, no plugins required
  • Native 3D Materials viewable with the free Reader3D software

Collaboration and Transaction

  • Cloud-based Team Collaboration
  • Online Shopping Carts and Order Acceptance

What do the individual QuadriSpace Solutions do?

QuadriSpace provides a whole products solution for technical publishing. This solution includes Publisher3D for illustration creation, Pages3D for document authoring and Share3D for technical publishing to the cloud. This combination of products and cloud services makes it easy to create impressive documentation and deliver legacy printed materials or modern cloud based documentation.


Pages3D is used to create final technical documents. Multiple-page documents created with Pages3D can be:

  • printed
  • published as standard PDF files
  • published as interactive 3D PDF files
  • published online using our Share3D cloud service based on standard technologies like HTML5 and WebGL (coming soon!)


Publisher3D is used to create technical illustrations. Sets of illustrations can be:

  • published to raster graphics such as PNG, JPG and TIF
  • published as vector graphics such as SVG, EPS or PS
  • published to standard outputs like PDF, 3D PDF and Word
  • used in other programs like Word, InDesign or Illustrator
  • published to the QuadriSpace Share3D cloud solution for online publishing


Share3D is a online technical publishing solution. With Share3D users can:

  • privately share technical materials for collaboration
  • web publish technical materials for demos, instructions and more
  • deliver online catalogs with shopping carts and order acceptance

Which QuadriSpace product is right for me?

When deciding which product to purchase, it is often a matter of determining what primary outputs you are seeking from the software. The 3D tools are common between the products, making it easy to learn one and migrate between the products for different deliverable requirements.

Pages3D versus Publisher3D

  • Publisher3D creates raster images and vector graphics from existing 3D files.
  • Pages3D create final printed or interactive documents from existing 3D files.
  • Pages3D includes page design tools for text, images, tables, buttons and more for creating full documents.
  • Both products support professional 3D features.
  • Both products can create 3D PDF files the difference is that Pages3D enables free-form page design and Publisher3D publishes into pre-defined templates.
  • Both products can create QSXML files suitable for technical publishing to the cloud using Share3D.

Document3D Suite

Sometimes it's better to "choose not to choose" and simply purchase the Document3D Suite which includes both Pages3D and Publisher3D.

Go Pro?

Professional Products include the following time-saving capabilities suitable for manufacturing companies and others commercial projects.


Smart Template Technologyβ„’

This lets you rapidly create a step-by-step process from an exploded view. This saves a significant amount of time since the viewpoints, visible parts and selected parts are all set up automatically based on the exploded view. You can also rapidly create a series of isolated part views from a parts list.


Update Capabilities

With the update tools you can update entire sets of illustrations by re-importing the 3D model. This is especially useful because it allows users to get started on graphics before the design phase is complete and when 3D CAD designs change, little work is needed to update graphics.


Configurations and Merge Models

Makes it easy to work with large models. Configurations allow you to define and work with subsets of parts. With merge models 3D CAD from various (and often different) CAD programs can be merge together. Users use this when the primary designs is better explain with props or tools in some graphics.


Linkable Text Boxes (Pages3D Only)

This provides support for text and tables that may not fit on a single page or in a single column. Offers the ability to link a text box or table (parts list) from one page to another or from one column to another.


Vector Graphic Publishing (Publisher3D Only)

This provides an additional publishing format. Vectors, or line drawings, can be published to a variety of common vector formats.