Solid Edge PMI Data and Model Views

Introduced in 2016 Service Pack 1, it is now possible to export PMI data and model views from Solid Edge and then use them in Publisher3D and Pages3D.


Technical Requirements

  • QuadriSpace Pages3D or Publisher3D 2016 SP1 or greater
  • QuadriSpace Solid Edge Exporter 2016 SP1 or greater
  • Solid Edge ST9 or greater

1. Organize Solid Edge Model

The Solid Edge exporter will export model views and the PMI data associated with them. Please consult your Solid Edge documentation for how to create model views and PMI annotations and dimensions in Solid Edge.

Please note the following when preparing your Solid Edge model foe export:

  • The scale of the PMI data is determined from the scale in the model views in Solid Edge.
  • PMI data that is not part of a model view will not be exported.

2. Export QSM (QuadriSpace Model) from Solid Edge

The Solid Edge PMI data and associated model views are exported to a QSM file. This file can then be opened with Pages3D or Publisher3D to use it in technical illustrations and documentation.

To export, make sure that the Solid Edge exporter is installed on the Solid Edge computer. This is installed by default when you install a QuadriSpace product or trial. You can also download the Solid Edge exporter for free from the QuadriSpace web site.

You can then switch to the "add-in" tab in Solid Edge and click on the QSM button to export the current Solid Edge model in QSM format.

3. Import QSM into Pages3D or Publisher3D

The resulting QSM file includes all of the information needed to open the lightweight version of the Solid Edge file with Pages3D or Publisher3D. This means that you can share this file with others that might not have Solid Edge installed. Also, there is not need to manage multiple files and references between files. All needed information is included in the QSM.

On import, the Solid Edge model views will be available from the default storyboard. The PMI data will also be available independently from the Model Panel’s assembly tree.

To access the Solid Edge model views, you can open up the default storyboard. This will show the Solid Edge model views as thumbnails for easy selection.

The Solid Edge model views will automatically have the same PMI displayed as the model view did within Solid Edge. In Pages3D or Publisher3D, you can modify this as desired.

To hide and show PMI data manually, you can open up the Model Panel. The model panel will have a separate top-level group that can e opened to modify the display state of the individual PMI elements.

When you are ready, the PMI as setup by the Pages3D or PublisherD user will be published to a variety of outputs including raster, vector, print, PDF, interactive 3D PDF, interactive 3D HTML and other formats supported by QuadriSpace authoring products.